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Inner Views
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Abortion vs. Fertility Treatments
[psychology study] Q&A: Why We Lie So Much
The Swastika - Ancient African Symbol
Parents believe 7-yr-old son is reincarnated WWII pilot
A feel good video
More Americans say they have no religion
The Raising Malawi Academy for Girls
What Happens When We Die?
What do you call Him?
God Is In The Magic Mushrooms
I wish for a.......
How do you respond to “I don’t want to get blacker, Daddy!”
A New Earth~Awesome book of healing & enlightenment
Look at this upside down
The Power of Love
The Influence of Others
Autism Speaks
A big choice to make
The End of Homophobia?
Celebrating Black History
Prince vs. The Church
Calling All Parents and Teachers! (US & Canada)
Prince and Scientology??
I think this is beautiful
this thread is in the wrong forum
this thread is in the wrong forum
Animals and Humans
3-Dimensional Thinking
Daisaku Ikeda
Daisaku Ikeda
purge ur demons
Do U Believe...
Elder's Meditation of the Day November 26
I am god
do u know who u are? really?
The Power Of Disengagement
Planet Earth, Global Awakening
The Evolutionary Enlightenment teachings of Andrew Cohen
Dec 12, 2012 ( the end?)
Second Life...
Can you see the future?
Great Words
human beings have forgotten their place in the universe
Found on the net..
An Eye For An Eye
'tis the season for forgiveness
* * Selfishness * *
What is Offensive?
Graffiti Bridge 2007
The Great Turning: From Empire to Earth Community
Negative words
Try this...
Lust vs. Love
Zeitgeist: The Movie
cycle of creativity
Women Songs
What brings you Peace?
Profound Statements
Discussion: Fair/Unfair-Some people not meant to be mothers?
dear oh dear
A Father's Appeal: Choose To Act
GROWING UP: Do we ever?
Future Baby Mama
The Empty Pot
Lotti Latrouse - Only Love counts in the slums of Abidjan
ESP and Telepathy test
Help Stop the spread of Teenage Affluenza
The secret
Hyphens are un-American
Walter Reed Army Medical Center
I'm helping out 4 a child's fundraiser: September 30
we are all one...
we're all the same
The Perfect Gift
Spread The Sharing across America
The War of Armageddon -Part 2
renouncing sexuality
Can we change: The Enviroment
Questioning The Man Above
Do U Believe in: Guardian Angels
Done this?:OUIJI Board
Thoughts: Palm Reading
Thought: Pondering the Universe
Is Your Fetus A Republican?
The Secret
"What is an American?" Harold Ickes - May 18, 1941
Innocence Is So Overrated
Auntie Jehovah
Mormons can baptise u & marry u off after u die??
Are these new laws/rules racist ?
My Name Is Not "Those People"
How to lose friends and make enemies
Five Principles for Happiness in 2007
I Apologize For My Nasty Slur
How love will really win out
If We All Vanished Tomorrow
The Bridge
Real Death, The Final Frontier
I Am Racially Insensitive - And Proud Of It
Binaural Beats
HotZones: Looking Back on a Year of Conflict - DR Congo
Thurs., Sept. 21: International Day of Peace
Understand the Process of Your Thinking
The world is divided into TWO types of people
Faith-based Homeland Security
yesterday at fellowship
true balance?
The Abuse of the Female
Church fires teacher for being a woman
Death On Death
Family faces eviction for loud praying at night
Electoral College
the church of reality updates AND OTHER STUFF
Jesus Wasn't Black
End of the world next week?
Welfare Recipients / Drug Users
I was talking to an older lady
I didn't know where to post this
Left Behind author thinks Christ will return n our lifetime
HIV Tests
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