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Song I Made ;)
Human "bed-warmers" at Holiday Inn (limited-time private sales, 50-75% off retail
Find the right doctor with these online resources
US men among worst lovers in the world; Spain, Brazil top 2
Pooh, Christopher Robin reunited in new book
10 secret menu items at fast food restaurants
If johnart really loved me...
9/19: Joan Allen as artist Georgia O'Keeffe in TV film
@ Fashion Week in NYC ... Marc, Vera and ....
How to avoid an $8,000 cell phone bill when traveling
What Type of Nerd Are You?
Gem Sweater Museum (tour includes History of the Bedazzler)
Minimum: $1,000 (for a cake order)
Andy Warhol's 'time capsules'
TONI!! Star Trek Chicago Film Expo!
Moonwalk by Michael Jackson - Preorder Available
5 Ways To Green Up Your Sex Life (video part is NSFW)
Body Talk
Priscilla: The Musical!
Minnetonka boots/shoes ...
Site Wins Fashion Fans by Letting Them Design
5 Myths about Men's/Women's Bodies (free service)
Now you can buy shoes from
Once-trendy Crocs could be on their last legs
Berlin 'sex academy' offers tips for visitors
13 Things Your Waiter Won't Tell You
Come BATHE with me!
got Chia?
I want to be a veginaire
Hermes breeds own crocs to meet bag demand
Picasso sketchbook stolen from Paris museum
Officials want 'art' removed from front lawn
A Tony Awards Love Story: Prince Falls for Karen Olivo
America's Fittest Cities
All-business airline (NJ/NY to Paris, Amsterdam)
The Flea Market
Fibroids - My Story
The Garden (and other projects...eventually...)
Twitter - lemme try this in the correct forum
Tweaking your PC
Cupcake Recipes I Want To Marry
Energy vampires: Fact versus fiction
Hearty Shrimp and Barley Soup
I Want These Stairs
Inside Scoop on Victoria Beckham's 2009 Collection
Netflix/Xbox 360
This is Why You're Fat (blog)
Will P sue?
Goya's "Colossus" may have been painted by apprent
Healthy Diet For Your Eyesight
Star Wars: A Musical Journey
Transgender model steals the show in Fashion Rio
Colorado bakery hit: Bacon cupcakes
You're Welcome America. A Final Night with George W. Bush
Theatre Review: West Side Story
Style trends- What to Love [and to Leave Behind] in '09
Original Winnie the Pooh drawings fetch $2.3M at auction
Winnie-the-Pooh to return in authorized sequel
Spider-Man celebrates Obama as "nerd-in-chief"
When Lady Met Betty.. or Its All About Da Boop!
Check Please!!
Flirting 101
24-Hour Sustained Hug
How to Glue Your Eyelids
AirBrush Makeup
Bean and Onion soup, freestyle
Jell-O art
Facebook's War on Nipples (art)
edible clothes and wigs from Russia
2009 Star Trek Book Publication Schedule
Madonna for Louis Vuitton, Spring 2009
Arugula, Bacon, and Gruyère Bread Pudding
Johnart's Puerto Rican Cooking
How to paint with french fries
Dulce de Leche Half-Moons
Eggnog Flan on Cinnamon Crust with Rum whipped cream
Puka Dog
The 5 dirtiest foods
Places to See Before They Disappear
Actor slits own throat on stage; real knife switched 4 scene
Robots Pole-Dance for Art
RENT Tour 2009 with Adam Pascal & Anthony Rapp
Heritage Turkeys
South Park Creators Take on Salt Lake in New Mormon Musical!
Veggie Thanksgiving Tips & Recipes
'Betty Boop' Broadway Bound for 2010-2011
Toy Hall of Fame points to new addition: the stick
11 Hidden Dangers in Your Home
Swiss find Picasso sketches worth up to $1.5 million
Feb '09 YSL art auction to fetch $420M for AIDS research
Travel Picks: Eight of the world's largest things
Lego'd celebs
An artist's Sotheby's auction nets $198 million
The Age of Aquarius is set to dawn again on B'way
Lead Paint Danger Still Exists in 38 million US homes
Performance artist hung on shark hooks for protest
Are Plastic Food Containers Safe to Reuse?
Museum defies Pope over crucified frog sculpture
The Way A Woman Sits Says A Lot About Her
A friend of mine is in this exhibit (Bay Area)
If you've got any leftover Vodka ...
Lisa Lampanelli comedy tour, Aug - Nov 2008
Margaret Cho: The Beautiful Tour (USA, Canada)
Janet Jackson Launching Lingerie Line
Bird Poo Facial Promises Smoother Skin
Ten Top-Earning Celebrity Chefs
Niksters... the sexier side of green
How Airlines Deal with 'Customers of Size'
Crocs suing Sketchers for stealing their designs
been for a pedi lately? LOL
Cut It Out: 10 simple ways to save money
America's Best Places to Raise a Family
Gotta Try A New Position
Best Bets in Sushi
India.Arie is set to make her Broadway debut
Sunday in the Park with George
health benefits of coffee ?
Culinary Medicine - new health, fitness, beauty site
Play on a prince song
Important info if you use propane grills:
Getting the Most Out of Vegetables
A Guided Tour of Your Body
Prince Would Approve
4 Secret Ways to Boost Your Social Security
Study finds colon cancer puzzle
Next Microsoft operating system has touch controls
Rediscovered Goya sketches set for London auction
10 Foods That Build Bones
eggplant and walnut phyllo pie
New York City now home to $175 hamburger
Lucian Freud nude sets new world record at auction
Francis Bacon triptych breaks record at NYC auction
XP reminder: June 30th, 2008 is end of the line
10 Six-Figure Jobs without a Professional Degree
Seven Superfoods
Portrait of Heath Ledger wins Australian art award
Hugh Jackman may return to Broadway
10 Things Your Airline Won't Tell You
Are lice art? Israelis scratch their heads
Mya Breaks Foot; Broadway [Chicago] Debut Postponed
France may ban promoting extreme thinness
Radcliffe, Equus to come to Broadway, Sept. 2008
Hemingway haunt gives discounts to "poor Americans"
8 stress-free careers (I dunno about # 8 tho.. lol)
Lloyd Webber Will Pen Phantom of the Opera Sequel
Women's History Month
Spring Forward, Lose Sleep; more problems
Joni Mitchell sure had it right!
7 must-have electronics
math, science and sculpture = beauty
Seven reasons to drink tea
The dangers in fragrances
Bono, Hirst auction combines art and charity
5 foods that deserve a 2nd chance/sushi & mercury levels
InformationWeek's Top Little-Known Technology Web Sites
in a London gallery, modern art's take on humour
Dr. Mao's Secrets 2 Longevity, Mushrooms: The Ultimate Food
AKC's List of Top 10 Most Popular Dogs in America
Bob Adelman civil rights Photo Exhibit, NYC
"Rent" to close on B'way: Sept. 2008 (updated)
wanna go to Australia?
You snooze, you lose - literally!
Low-carb substitutes 4 potatoes, pancakes, mac&cheese, e
How do you paint behind a toilet?
Foods That Help Lower Blood Pressure
Dr. Mao's Secrets 2 Longevity, Increase Libido, Weight Loss
NPGU Poetry Corner
FAQ: The End of the Light Bulb as We Know It (in the US)
Everlasting Run
Health Body Map
Adult Women Reject Dowdy Threads
Glucosamine: The New Anti-Aging Weapon?
Umami: 5th taste joins salty, bitter, sour, sweet
air etiquette
iPhone Definately A Cool Christmas Gift
MANGROOMER Do-It-Yourself Electric Back Hair Shaver
Anime Hotel
Dog washing machine unveiled
Red Bull: The Art of Can
Sage Stuffed Panchetta W/ Salad Panzanelli
i'm gonna make a lifestyle change
8 Ways to Worry Less
So You Married a Workaholic
Deep Fried Pizza
Naked chocolate Jesus rises again in NYC
I hate Chef's Catalog...
Men Ask Dr Oz.
Amazing sculptures
Musicophilia - How our brains perceive music
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